Address Space Notifier Hierarchy

Supports using the HasNotifier reference to build a hierarchy of Object Nodes that are notifiers with other notifier Object Nodes.

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Address Space Notifier Hierarchy - 2 Test Cases
Test Case Id Test Type Keywords Test Case Description Test Requirements Expected Result


CTT Unavailable  Walk through the address space starting at the Server object following the forward references of HasNotifier and HasEventSource. Create a list of NodeIds that can be subscribed to for Events. Exclude the server object in the list of cached NodeIds. The Server.EventNotifier.SubscribeToEvents is TRUE. For each node that has HasNotifier reference (both source and target) then its EventNotifier must be set to true. Record the NodeIds whose SubscribeToEvents=true.


CTT Unavailable  Subscribe for events for each item identified in test #0 whose EventNotifier.SubscribeToEvents=true. Invoke the necessary trigger methods. A max of 10 nodes. Multiple publish calls may be necessary, so keep calling until either (a) keepAlive (b) a max of #10 publish calls. The server accepts the request without error. If an event is received for a node that is NOT the parent object, then the same event is also received for the parent object (same event received twice or more).